For me art is all about the process of exploration and discovery. I love photography because of the way it allows people to share their experiences and search for meaning together. Taking photographs enables me to observe and evaluate the world in a unique way and the images I create are an invitation for others to participate in the journey with me.

My background is in travel documentary, but I have ventured into the worlds of fashion, nature, nightlife and children along the way. I have also captured historic moments of the 9/11 tragedy, the Barcelona Olympics, the Lisbon World Exposition, and more.

In my recent work I experiment with distorting photographs to create surreal and abstract imagery.  With this technique I attempt to question what is “real” about a photograph.  I like to challenge the viewer to define for themselves where the illusion ends and the perception of reality begins.  These works provoke a variety of responses; each viewer sees something different.

Diversity is essential in my work because it empowers choice—and the freedom to choose is a crucial part of the human search for emotional and spiritual significance. Because as you define what you like, you define who you are.

My work is dedicated to every soul searcher who seeks to answer life’s most important questions. May you have the courage to follow your own path and always look deeper, both within and beyond, until you find the truth for yourself.



My global taste for life and art was influenced by my studies at Interpreting and Translation Academy at the University of Granada, and my  work at the ’92 Barcelona Olympics and the ’98 World Exposition in Lisbon.  A background in business writing inspired my earliest attempts at photo-essay journalism. Today I am exploring abstract photography and the art of “visual-literary” narrative storytelling.



In 2003 I completed my first exhibit entitled, “Look Deeper Not Away,” a lifestyle documentary exploring the themes of culture, adventure, beauty, and their inter-relationships. The exhibit was an experiential showcase that included live video, a music soundtrack, and interactive objects that encouraged viewers to sense the imagery at a deeper level.

My self-produced 2005 exhibit “Perception’s War” explored new forms of photographic abstractions that invite the viewer to contemplate the spiritual possibilities suggested behind the surface of the illusion. In 2008 I launched IOS Photo, an online business selling affordable art to new collectors and first time buyers.