ask-shall-receive-part-2But how I completed this entire race without actually breaking a sweat is still beyond me – along with the fact that I felt like I was running downhill…in both directions!!! (Hahaha….doesn’t God has an ironic sense of humor!)) But I do believe in miracles. And I did pray for a miracle. So I am fine to just count this whole thing as a big miracle and call it a day. And now I want to go and drink some beer!!! But first,I will give thanks to God for the best day of my life. And for my family and friends who loved me across the finish line. And for having the privilege of testing myself in the greatest challenge and biggest adventure imaginable….just so God could reveal to me what I’m truly made out of: Iron and fire.

Its hard to imagine ever feeling more blessed than I do right now…but I know that with God anything is possible. So I will continue to expect the unexpected…while remaining as thankful as possible. I can’t think of anything better to do at this point. Nor need I. Because it’s time to rest. Finally.

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