And that’s because, if I’m totally honest, I have to acknowledge that in past 3 months I have done just barely the minimum amount of training required to actually finish my first Ironman. No, the journey hasn’t always been pretty….but it’s my own and no one can take it from me. I own it. Mistakes, failures, frustrations and all.


So now, with just 7 days until the big race theres not a lot more to do other than pray. For a miracle.

Thankfully, I know precisely where to go for a miracle: my church, Glad Tidings, which is located in Harlem. This is a place where I’ve experienced miracles before.

And apparently I still believe that by writing my simple request on a card, and putting it up on our prayer wall, the faithful people of my church will pray my miracle into existence. Why not?

See??? I told you I was crazy. Behold. Goodness is at hand.

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