day-wished-never-endI came into my first Ironman expecting to go through hell. And I was fully prepared to crawl my way to the finish. If you’ve ever trained with me you probably know I’m not lying.

But instead, to my confoundment, I found a paradise – seemingly custom built for me!!! The weather was so perfect…and the terrain was so beautiful…the fans were so enthusiastic…and everything about the race was so massively impressive that I couldn’t help but fall in love with the entire day.

In fact, I found myself slowing down during the early parts of the race because I didn’t want it to end so soon!

Rest assured: This was the first and only race of my entire life that I secretly wanted to last forever. And yes, I realize that’s not normal. Not even for me.#ButThatsWhatHappened!

PS Yes, that’s a 40+ year old woman trying to kick my butt on the bike…and doing a really good job of it. “BRAVO!!!” as they say in Quebec! I just love this sport!!

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