Pro Surf Beach LoungeOnly 27 1/2 hours after leaving JFK I am finally here. I’m staying at The Pro Surf Beach Lounge – a Billabong sponsored boutique surf hostel that is quite possibly the best value in all of Legian for only $20/night.

Board rentals, talented surf instructors, great food and drinks, and some seriously nice waves pumping straight out in front.

Oh, and the best part…I can jump straight off the edge of my second story balcony into the pool below. Its definitely the dramatic way one could choose to get from my room to the bar. It also happens to be the most direct route. So yes, I’v already gotten a decent amount of jumping in.

The place is super chill – and nearly empty – the staff is super polite and attentive, everything is super clean, the food is good, and everything is cheap!!! Yes, its everything I ever wanted. A bargain hunters dream!

So far no American’s to be found anywhe. This place is inundated with Germans, Canadians and tons Aussies. Is quite the cultural mix. OK enough chatter – its time to climb on a surf board and try to not drown or break my neck. Peace out.

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