Mont Tremblant IronmanUmmmm yeah…that would be me…screaming at the top of my lungs like a lunatic as I crested the last hill of the Mont Tremblant Ironman…about a mile out from the finish line. I was already running sub 7-minute mile pace, but this last hill threatened to destroy my dream of running negative splits from mile 18…accelerating consistently for the last 8 miles of the race, in order to see what max speed I could attain crossing the finish line.
Sounded like a good in my head… which should give you a clue as to how I think. Its mental.
But hey, I didn’t come all the way to Canada to play things safe and easy…I came here to do an IRONMAN!!! Dude, this is the world stage where any crazy fool with enough guts and determination can push their luck and limits to the max and beyond – just for the thrill of seeing what unfolds in front of thousands of fanatically cheering spectators!!! For me, the awesomeness of this race is simply beyond description. It certainly cost me a lot to be here…so I want my damn money’s worth!

But it certainly didn’t help my motivation to see most of the racers already walking the hill at mile 12 of their first loop! Sorry for sounding impolite, but I did NOT come this Ironman so I could walk…I came here to race my ass off!!!

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