Mavic Cosmic CarboneThats the Ironman! Its the gold standard of mulit-sport endurance competitions.

And here I am riding an aluminum roadbike I bought off Craig’s list for $750!!! Sure, I would love to be riding a $10,000 BMC TimeMachine or Cervelo P5 like the other people in this race…but thats not gonna stop me from putting in a solid bike performance. If you train hard enough, an entry level road bike will give you the same results for much less money: just throw on some Profile Design Aerobars ($100) and get a really, really good bike fit ($300).

I recommend Mikael Hanson, Master Fitter and Head Coach for the Asphalt Green Triathlon Team.

I also recommend upgrading to aero wheels. You can always take awesome wheels with you to a new bike. In terms of speed gains, good wheels offer the most bang for the buck.

I ride Mavic Cosmic Carbone clinchers which I picked up on Craig’s list for $600 (retail is about $1,200)

Sure, some day I’ll upgrade to a serious Tri bike (I’ve got my eye on the $1900 Felt B16) but for now I going to enjoy passing people on my cheap, aluminum road bike. It’s gives me a little extra thrill knowing that I can win even with a disadvantage. I know. It’s twisted.

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