flaviaFlavia was a tall Brazilian girl I met many years ago. While provocative rumors of her past were being traded among my friends, she approached me shoot the photographs for a new CD she was recording. She admired the photos I had taken of other women and wanted something similar for herself. I must admit, her beauty and mysterious ways intrigued me so, with little hesitation, I agreed.

In spite of a positive start at the shoot, she soon became frustrated because I refused to direct her poses. I also became frustrated with her because she wouldn’t show me anything natural or authentic.

In a brief moment of hesitation, while she contemplated her next pose, I saw the picture I had been waiting to take. This photo reveals how beauty can be so pure and shy when it ceases to focus on itself. At this moment I caught a glimpse of the quiet sadness hiding behind her sexy facade. This picture reminds me that true beauty can never be forced by its owner – but it can be coaxed by its admirer.

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