This is a picture of a pile of rocks at Montana de Oro beach in central California.

Montana de Oro beach

For some reason all the photos from this shoot were quite bad. In reviewing them I became upset for wasting my time on such worthless results. Venting my anger, I started to pulverize the image with every photo-editing tool I could find. I think I was attempting to erase the image altogether, bit it did not disappear. Finally fed up, I closed the file and quit.

A few years later I stumbled upon this image while sorting through my reject pile. Viewing it with fresh eyes it hit me—this is what the world within my mind must look like at times—a total whirlwind of fragmented thoughts, impossible dreams and emotional debris all flying around, contained but not controlled. A name for the photo came to me in a flash: Brainstorm. Since then I’ve learned to love and appreciate this image—along with a part of myself I never knew before.

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