This view is of the most westerly point in Europe called Cabo da Roca (Cape of the Rock). Because of its remote and rugged location not many people know of it. I was living in Portugal at the time and had some friends visiting from Spain. They had seen this spot on a map and were determined to find it. So off we went in a Volkswagen bus filled with bicycles, flamenco music and cigarette smoke, in search of the outermost fringe of the Iberian peninsula.

We arrived just in time to watch the sun set across the Atlantic. As dusk settled in and the wind picked up I suddenly felt far from home.  But I realized I didn’t know exactly what home I was feeling far from.

Looking over at my friends chatting in a foreign language at the edge of this cliff, it occurred to me for the first time: home is always where you make it. Ever since that realization my home has followed with me wherever I go.

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