I took this picture as part of a documentary I shot on New York nightlife in 2002.  During that time I ended up going out 2-3 times a week for months on end – staying out each night until to the a.m. hours trying to document the fascinating dynamic of New York’s Post-9/11 nightlife culture. It was very intense and memorable time for everyone who lived in or visited New York.After the tragedy the nightlife scene revealed a profound and sudden need for people to find fun, laughter, friendship, and hope once again.  And many people searched for it in the nightlife.With copious amounts of champagne, I watched the beautiful and crazy people of New York manage their way through the tragedy by listening to awesomely loud music and dancing the the night away.  If you lived here you would completely understand.I call this collection CosmoGen because it captures an ethos of a Cosmopolitan Generation that was so utterly and uniquely New York City.

It personifies a world both foreign yet familiar, typified by the indulgence and hope of a privileged world class.

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