Belleza-Tropical1-203x300The second charm that struck me was the friendly locals who were so eager  to make my acquaintance and genuinely intent to make sure my stay in Paraty was phenomenal. And in fact it was.  The fact that I was able to meet locals on my first day who invited me out for beers later, is partly due to the fact that I speak some Portuguese, but more so an indication of the peole’s amazing friendliness towards outside visitors. The people of Paraty are gracious hosts

And then there is the town itself, which has no movie theater and is still largely covered in stone roads from the original 17th century Portuguese settlers.  No wonder UNESCO World Heritage that looks like a Portuguese fishing village from the 18th century.

But the real magic of Paraty lies in it’s crystal clear tropical bay just offshore the town harbor.  The bay is filled with a archipelago of micro-islands, sitting in perfectly still waters with no waves. “Lounge  boats” take small groups of travelers out to the micr0-islands and private beaches in hidden places along the coast.

All-day boat tours start at $30 USD  which include lunch of fresh fish and strong Caipirinha’s.  Throw in a few friendly locals, like this one I met on my boat tour, and we are talking about a serious recipe for awesomeness.

Bottom line: I am a sucker for live Bossa music, strong Caipirinhas, tropical water, the sound of kids laughing in the streets, and the site of Brazilian beauties wearing impossibly small bikinis. So in these respects, Paraty scores  high on my list.

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