WELCOME TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE ISLAND! We’re just a 15 minute mule-drawn-carriage taxi ride away from the main town of Gili Tranwangan, Indonesia (Population 1,500). If you are searching for a car-free paradise, it’s worth effort to get here!

This barely explored “eco-resort” located off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, represents one of the world’s best examples of true off-the-grid luxury travel. It’s a perfect destination for budget jet setters who really need to disconnect from world for a while.  Sound like someone you know?

In Transformative Travel we call this “De-Gridding.”  For the solo traveler the focus is unusually on seeking peace, quiet and solitude in nature.

Spiritual development, soul searching and personal reflection typically plays a key role in motivating this type of travel.

For couples and families the motivation is focused more on strengthening  relationships, making new shared memories, and spending quality-focused time together.   But the idea of disconnecting-to-reconnect is essential for any type of life-changing adventure, and de-gridding is sometimes the best way to do it.

Why? Because epic, life-changing  adventures don’t typically happen when you spend all day staring at your iPhone. It’s really that simple.


WHEN NATURE CALLS DO YOU LISTEN?  Exploring the sparsely inhabited far side of Gili Tranwangan, Indonesia.

WHEN NATURE CALLS…WILL YOU LISTEN? Exploring the sparsely inhabited far side of Gili Tranwangan, Indonesia.


The primary motivation for the “de-griding” traveler is a  desire to disconnect from the trappings of the modern world for just long enough to experience things like renewal, refreshment, and relaxation in a transformatively-powerful and authentic way. Why  would you settle anything less?

If the following points are priorities for your next trip, then de-gridding might be the right travel option for you.

1 – Finding solitude and peace, connecting with nature, enjoying the outdoors in a spectacular fashion.
2 – Spending quality time with loved ones, strengthen bonds by sharing life-changing adventures together.
3 – “Media-detoxing” by abstaining from digital communications (within reasonable, self-defined limits)

Sound appealing?  Then the Gili Eco Villas  might be  your next paradise destination! Read on to see if its true….



Gili Eco Villas

POOL CHECK GOOD! The crystal clear, white-tiled pool is shaded with palm trees and architectural fabric. And yes, it normally looks about this crowded.


So welcome to your own personal beachfront resort.  I am arriving to the Eco Villa’s after a 15 minute bike ride around to the far side of the island.  I am standing meters away from the Eco-Resorts own private beachfront.   With a max occupancy of 25 guests in the entire resort, and no traffic in sight, its the ultimate reclusive paradise done right.

The Eco-villas were actually the brainchild of some clever European expats who found a way to create their own private mini-resort vacation property as a vacation “escape” from Bali.

After already falling in love with Bali myself, I felt compelled to come see for myself why the expats in Bali expats love coming here so much.

With only a few other guests ever around, the grounds will feel like a private paradise for you and your group. Throngs of international travelers are just a 10-minute bike ride away, providing just enough company and activity to not feel completely isolated. Oh, did I mention there are NO CARS on the island of Gili?  The only means of travel are by foot, or bike, or mule drawn carriage.  And there are no paved roads.




3-bedroom luxury eco-villas sleep up to 6. Warning: Once you come here you may never want to leave.

RENT ME, RENT ME!  These 3-bedroom luxury eco-villas sleep up to 6 guests. Warning: Once you move in you may never want to leave.

Each private villa  is designed in the traditional-Indonesianstyle with open-air bathrooms and large, covered patio areas. The villas are constructed out of reclaimed teak and other exotic, sustainable materials.  But the most impressive eco-accomplishment of this resort is it’s  water,  electric and plumbing  are self-sustaining “off-grid” systems.  The high-tech electric windmill and water reclamation system reveal  a smart and rugged DIY sensibility that I admire and appreciate. 


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