Welcome to the Encinitas – the quintessential Californian surf town! Home to 60,000 people who are lucky enough to live year-round in one of the most extraordinary places on earth.

First, I need give full disclosure: I am totally biased towards Encinitas. I think it’s awesome!!!
I know the place extremely well, and for good reason: I lived here as a restless teenager, exploring every inch of the coast and dabbling in the yoga–surf-triathlon culture so prevalent in this area.

But all irrational enthusiasm aside, we are talking about San Diego, California. It’s world famous for a lot of good reasons, not just beautiful weather and abundant beaches.

Yet this particular nook of the coast, known as “North County” San Diego, is one of California’s best preserved examples of an old-school surfer community that has not been compromised by commercial tourism or tainted by over-development.

I recommend Encinitas for anyone who wants to experience authentic California soul surfer culture, untainted by commercial tourism and coastal over-development.

If you love surfing, or the idea of learning to surf, Encinitas is great place to learn, practice, and improve. Slow, soft breaking waves and sandy bottom beaches are great for beginners, while legendary reef breaks at Blacks and Swami’s provide a training ground for hard core locals and professionals alike.

Considering that Pro-surf legends Rob Machado and Brad Gerlach both became the #1 Ranked Surfer’s in the World while living in Encinitas, it makes sense that all San Diego surf culture has a special respect for North County. Read more about local surf legends here →

San Diego happens to be the birthplace of triathlon! If you love triathlon, then come visit the town where it all started: The first multi-sport swim/bike/run event  ever be called a ‘triathlon’ was held at Mission Bay on September 25, 1974.

One of the competitors in this race, Navy Commander John Collins, went on to organize the original 140.6 mile Ironman Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii in 1978 – which spawned the new era of “ultra-endurance” racing.

As the sport grew, Pro legends like Scott Tinley and Paula Newby Frasier migrated to San Diego to live and train during their reign as Ironman World Champions in the 1980’s.

Encinitas is still the home to many professional triathletes and top triathlon clubs today. You can train their same routes, get world-class coaching, or meet up with elites and pros training their way towards Kona.
• Coaching & Clinics
• Team Meet Ups
• Triathlon Stores
• Training Courses (swim-bike-run)


Encinitas is home to the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) spiritual retreat and meditation gardens. Founded in 1920 by Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, the Self-Realization Fellowship has over 500 temples, ashrams, retreats, and meditation centers around the world.

The Encinitas retreat is unique, not only for its amazing cliff-top, beach front views, but for also having hosted notable soul searchers such as George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, and Elvis Presley. And Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda lived here himself while writing the book “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

Along with the influence of the Self-Realization Fellowship, Encinitas continues to have a strong culture of yoga, meditation, bodywork, and holistic lifestyle practices.
• Swamis Meditation Gardens
• Swamis Meditation Classes
• Zen Kickboxing
• XYZ Bodywork & Massage
• XYZ Yoga Studio


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Hot Air Balloon Rides, Horseback Riding, Hiking, Golfing, Fishing, Horse Racing, Beach Bonfires, and more.  San Diego offers some of the world’s best outdoor activities for group and family adventures.   Learn more here “Top 25 Things To Do In San Diego”





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