Find A Triathlon Wetsuit1 – Order rental suit(s)   from

2 – Test in real environment & exchange if needed

3 – Find the suit you love – and buy it new or used!!!

These days it’s impossible to compete without a triathlon wetsuit. Especially important for beginner triathletes and weaker swimmers, the wetsuit is your life preserver in the water.  Although expensive, the triathlon wetsuits made today are designed to give you maximum buoyancy in the water – effectively helping to correct many of the most speed-inhibiting weaknesses in novice swimmers.

Save yourself the extra hours training in the pool and buy the competitive advantage you need – everyone else already is, so a wetsuit is just to level the playing field and give you a fighting chance in the water.

When it comes to racing wetsuits the fit is the most important thing – and all of the brands have slightly different shapes and proportions to their suits.  I find that every few shops carry all the brands – and its something you absolutely must try on before buying.

Instead of buying a new wetsuit that you later sell on eBay for pennies on the dollar, I recommend you try a few brands out to see what fits you best. offers a wide range of triathlon wetsuits (mostly entry level and mid-tier) which can be rented for $67.  But here is what’s great about  They have real people who know how the different brands fit different body types. After a quick 5 minute call with one of their service reps quickly narrowed my options down to 2-3 brands. I was then sent 2 models to test, with the option to exchange them for another option for no extra charge within my XX day rental period.   And the best part is this: if I fall in love with the wetsuit I can buy it from them used at a discounted price…and I can even apply my $67 rental as credit against the purchase.

Testing wetsuit’s in a “used” condition is probably one of the smartest and most accurate ways to check fit since the suit has already had the chance to be broken in by other people.

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